Honeycomb Wine Coasters Tutorial

aWith holidays slowly creeping up on us, here is the perfect project to make.  These Honeycomb Wine Coasters are great for entertaining and make the perfect host/hostess gift.  They are quick and easy to make using only one Moda Honeycomb Pack.  Follow the tutorial below from Moda Bake Shop, by Emily Thompson to make these great wine coasters.


1 Moda Honeycomb.  Note: you only need 4 per coaster

Garnishes (Optional)

7″ x 17″ Iron-on vinyl such as Heat N Bond, enough for 4 coasters



1 Moda Honeycomb (I used Color Me Happy by V & Co.) – Note: you only need 4 per coaster7″ x 17″ Iron-on vinyl such as Heat N Bond, enough for 4 coasters


2. Optional step: I decided to apply iron-on vinyl to just the bottom of my coasters to provide some additional protection on the tabletop. Follow the instructions on your particular brand of iron-on vinyl. I was able to get all 4 honeycombs side to side under the 7″ x 17″ piece of vinyl. I put a piece of tissue paper or scrap paper under the honeycombs that are to be the bottoms, laid them out in a row face up on top, and then ironed the vinyl onto the paper and fabric, so that there wasn’t any overlap of the vinyl onto my ironing board. Once it’s all ironed down, simply cut out along the edge of the fabric and the paper underneath comes right off the back!


Lay the bottoms down side by side over tissue paper or something to protect your ironing board. Following directions for your vinyl, lay the vinyl over the bottoms. Be sure to cover all the fabric!


Following directions for your vinyl, iron the vinyl down.  Mine said to have my iron at medium heat and to place the paper backing over the vinyl while pressing.


After pressing, peel away the paper from the vinyl and cut out close to the fabric edge.


The tissue paper isn’t attached and just peels right away!


Now all the bottoms are ready!

4. Ok, let’s build a coaster. Place the piece that will be the bottom right side up on your table. Place the first half honeycomb on the bottom piece, lining up the edges. The second half honeycomb stacks on top, slightly overlapping the first one. See the photo for placement. The last half honeycomb stacks on top of both the first and second. You’ll slip one edge of the third half honeycomb underneath the edge of the first one so they are all interlocked. Be sure the edges are all lined up with the bottom piece! Pin these in place.


5. I bet you saw that Moda put a fancy plastic template in your honeycomb bundle. Do you see the little holes in each corner? Those clever people placed those holes 1/4″ from the edge so you know when to stop sewing and pivot your needle. They’re so nice :) Place this template on top of the whole pinned up coaster, lining up the edges as best you can. Use a marker to dot each corner through the template.


6. Let’s sew it together! Now at your sewing machine, you’ll start along one edge, sewing 1/4″ seam on the top side of this little bundle. Stop at the dot you made and pivot your needle so you can continue on each side until you meet your starting point and secure your threads. Now you have a coaster – almost.



7. I iron lightly before I turn it all right side out. You’ll need something pointy to crisp up your corners. Once you have it all turned right side out, you can press again, but don’t iron directly onto the vinyl if you did that part! You should see a hole in the center of the top if you wiggle the fabric around. That’s where your wine glass stem will come out, with the half honeycombs all snuggled around the base.



8. Pour yourself some red, white, or pink and snuggle your coaster over the bottom of your glass. Ta-da! Make one or twenty, but people will think you’re pretty clever. Did I hear somebody say mimosas?



4 or more awesome wine glass coasters!

Click Here for a print friendly version.

Thirfty Thursday… In The Pink

This weeks Thrifty Thursday item is the “In The Pink 2″ table runner.  This cute pink table runner compliments Breast Cancer Month.  The kit includes all the fabric for the top, binding and the pattern.  Finsihed size is 25″ x 63″.  Regualr price is $56.98.  Our Thirfty Thursday price is only $36.98.  Click Here to order.

Meet The Hamel-lites….Linda

LindaLinda has been a “Hamel-lite” for 6 years now.  She works in the office taking care of all the mail orders.  Around the office we refer to her as “Mother”.  If you have placed an order with us online or by phone, Linda would have processed your order.  Since 40 percent of Hamel’s sales come from online and phone orders, you know she is kept busy.

Linda has been quilting and sewing for 48 years.  Her favorite fabric is Moda’s  “Fig Tree”.  Her favorite notion is “That Purple Thang” , because it is such a versatile tool.  The people she works with and the customers are what she likes most about working at Hamels.  “They keep her going”, she says.  It makes sense as her favorite moto is “Keep It Simple”, (See below for full description).  Linda has her own designated sewing studio in her home equipped with a mid arm sewing machine.  She also enjoys cross stitch and embroidery which is why she is often drawn to stitchery quilts.Keep Simple

Tuesday’s Tip With Terry….Sew You Want To Get Organized….. Part Two


Whether you have a designated sewing area or you set up in another space of your home, organizing your fabric can be a challenge.  Here is a simple gadget that will help conquer that challenge.  A pant hanger will solve your problem.  They are both inexpensive and readily available.  I personally prefer hangers that have a felt lining inside the hanger.  I find this helps to avoid slipping of the fabric.


Fabric is held in between the hanger and then can be easily stored by hanging them on a closet bar.


Whether it is a work in progress, your fabric stash or even finished quilt blocks, these hangers are terrific to free up space and keep your fabric and blocks tidy.  Going to a class?  Simply grab the hanger with your class project and away you go.  The advantage to this system is it allows for easy viewing of your fabric and projects.  Less time looking, more time sewing.  Be sure to leave a comment on ways you utilize this system.  We would love to hear from you!